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CNBC today at 3:30- talking Healthcare

GM-  will be on CNBC today 3:30-5 pm- EST-   Fractional losses out of AAPL this am.. along with AKAM down over 10%.. while on the Plus side-  FEYE, FSLR, CTXS all higher by 5-8% this am. Overall one of the lowest 5-day ranges we've seen in 60+ years  in S&P..  and we'll need to see some evidence of breaking out of this to have confidence of any kind of directional move-   2377-9 defines the lows.. while 2392-4 the highs.  This am's Economic data saw ADP beat slightly at 177 vs 175.. and Markit PMI data out later-  Most will be turning in to Jobs on Friday while today's FOMC meeting should prove to be a non-event-  Key sectors to favor-  Healthcare..  while one to avoid-   Energy as evidence of potential larger Crude breakdown affecting Energy negatively and OIH within striking distance of last Sept lows-  Let me know if you have any questions