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Rebound keeps Trend very much intact

As of 1:30, some backing and filling of the early decline with prices right back up to key areas which were broken earlier.  This is a natural area of resistance after having given way earlier.. 2388.50.. but ordinarily is an area to sell into on the first bounce following a break-    For now, prices held where they needed to on the downside, just above 2375 and have snapped back.. and breadth at this point is only about 3/2 negative, a far cry from earlier 3/1. Still seeing ALL 11 sectors in THE RED.. but have pared losses substantially with Real estate, Discretionary down only .65-.70% while Energy, industrials, healthcare, Staples are just fractionally negative and close to turning positive-  Overall tough to have too negative of a takeaway on today thus far.. the last few hours will decide much.. in terms of if prices back off to earlier lows (which would be a bigger ST negative) or the ability to hold up above 2388 and get back above 2390 or turn positive, which would make earlier weakness a non-event-  Biggest gainers are NVDA, TXT, WFM, BDX, KR, NEM, MYL, AIG, all up more than 1.5%.. while on downside-   M, JWN, SYMC, KSS, HOLG, RL, LB, TRIP all down 4% or greater-   Let me know if you have any questions