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Bond rally a minor near-term concern for Financials; indices hanging in for now

Into mid-day.. this is a new, and unwelcome development with Financials breaking down a bit as the 10 year yield trend was violated this am, following weaker than expected data , in CPI and Retail sales..  yields had turned UP on weak auctions and BETTER than expected PPI.. but CPI disappointed and bond yields promptly crashed.  Tech fortunately is holding up well.  but without Tech , the market likely would be in trouble , as only Tech and Utes are positive.. while breadth just slightly negative-  But Industrials, energy, Financials, and Real estate leading to the downside.  Technical trends still point HIGHER for S&P to get to 2425-35.. but Financials will need to stabilize and turn up nearly right away.  and this move hopefully will be a short-term affair.  with AAPL closing in on 160 there looks to be minimal upside. in this stock.. so it remains to be seen what can carry stocks higher, if Tech starts to stall in overbought territory while financials turn down.  For now.  Nothing to worry about with the indices..   but good to keep a watchful eye if S&P starts to weaken and 2375-9 the first area of real importance, while over 2393 will need to be rrespected