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Tough to make much of recent weakness as rally has helped to regain this move

will be onReuters around 230-5 today with Fred katayama-  Midway through afternoon, we are seeing S&P continue to make good headway higher, up a bit more than 0.50%, reversing much of yesterday's decline  While the reversal late in the day seemed important on Wednesday,... we've seen precious little followthrough, which is important. S&P held where it needed to this am.. right near 2340 and is tough to fade until prices get back down and breach these levels.   energy and Financials the two pockets of strength, up nearly 1%. while YIelds are backing up a bit.. which is serving to help this group-  Until/unless we see movement down under 2340,  any larger pullback is postponed, and the pattern is taking on a bit of a consolidation triangle from last month which could argue for one final pushing up-  For now, prices are near make-or-break, but have lifted and as of now, regaining much of yesterday's loss fails to be all that bearish.  Tomorrows close will have equally important for how the weekly charts shape up, but for now, a good sign to have snapped back, and remains an environment that's conducive to following this recent sector rotation, with Energy having slipped hard in Q1, down nearly 7.3%-