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Test of 2340 seems to hold again, as futures attempt to rally back

S&P gaining ground in the last few hours after testing key 2340 area and this area will be important for today and tomorrow-  2338-2340-   UNDER suggests we should start to see a larger pullback into next week and warrants a short-term bearish stance-  For now, equities held areas of make-or-break support and have attempted to rise-  Much will depend on TY YIELDS as equities have followed suit to what yields have done, both rising in tandem this am.   Overall, yesterday's reversal seemed important and casts a near-term cloud over equities until this can be immediately regained.  The structure has been lackluster since early March, mildly lower as part of a consolidation that has kept indices range-bound since mid-February.  We'll need some type of catalyst it seems to help stocks push up given Financials waning and Technology having reversed yesterday-   Important to watch action in Financials, Tech, with yields as to clues about the larger indices-   For today/tomorrow-  2338-40 impt  and on upside 2355, 2366-7 and then 2372-4 near yest highs-  Gainers for this am:   PLUG, SPINS, JAZZ, GOGL, NTNX, BBBY, while on downside-  SGYP, SYNC, CAFD, AMD, CLNS-  Let me know if I can answer questions