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Impressive move higher right out of the gate w/ Breadth more than 3/1 +

Impressive move higher right out of the gate- (which began shortly after ADP) with breadth up more than 3/1 positive-  Today's gains are the best since March 1-   S&P's ability to exceed 2367 sets a course for 2380, near the area that's marked the consolidation since early March- and getting over this allows for a brief push back to new all-time highs-   Energy which I wrote about this am.. is outperforming all sectors, higher by 1.45%, and Financials, and industrials also higher by 1%.  all 11 sectors up-  overall a much needed BIG POSITIVE breadth move at a key juncture.. with Financials snapping back with yields.  and Energy starting to turn up-  All of this is bullish in the short run.   - Stay tuned