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Crude continuing to press higher, which should help Energy stocks

good am.. Global equities largely mixed this am and not too much volatility out of either currencies or Treasuries, but important to note 2 things:  WTI Crude continuing to press higher, and Energy on the verge of a technical breakout HIGHER after selling off for the last few months and massive underperformance-  Second- Treasury yields look to be bottoming,  mostly in Europe as seeing selloffs in Bunds and TNX stabilizing after hitting levels that have been touched now 3 times.   this bodes well for Financials to snap back-   Overall, a positive stance looks right for Equities and as said in the early am Technical comment-   Impressive resilience in back to back efforts of stocks rallying well off early lows.. and combined with AAPL breakout for TECH (important near-term) along with Energy performing well.. and Financials.. this should help Stocks push higher into next week-  KEY levels for today will be 2361-2 area.. then 2367 on upside.. while on downside-   2348.. then 2340-  Early gainers in PLUG, INNL, VICL, PNRA, FCEL, BLDP, TXMD, FTI, NBR  (Note the energy strength)  and on downside-  UNIS, TWLO, OHRP-   Let me know if you have questions-