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Fractional Gains to start the new Quarter- Watch Tech, Financials

gm-  Just fractional gains in Europe and US futures this am.  most of Asia closed positive.. and seeing persistent US Dollar strength, while yields have not yet begun to turn up as quickly as we expect.  Trends largely remain more MIXED than negative in the US with indices within striking distance of new high territory, it appears that the market very well might hold up a bit longer given the overall lack of any real technical damage-  Key resistance for today lies near 2365, then 2370 while on downside- 2355 being important  and a pivot near 2360-   Important to keep eyes on Financials and Tech this week-  -in particular AAPL, and MSFT after recent breakouts... AAPL close time wise to making some sort of peak in mid-April, but for now additional gains look likely-  if Financials and Tech both hold up, it should make short stances premature.. and so patience is needed along with selectivity in this rally-  Let me know if you have questions