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Yields plummeting but not too much technical damage with equities

Not a whole lot of conviction in equities here.  Both rallies and pullbacks have largely failed this am in the first hour-   Most of the volatility occurring in non-equity land.. with US Treasuries moving up at a quicker pace than Europe-However, both Staples and Healthcare making meaningful breakouts.. Staples to upside, healthcare to downside-   Consumer Staples set to potentially make a new all-time weekly closing high -stocks like TSN, CAG, TAP, GIS, WFM, ADM, CPB all showing 1% + gains today-  while Healthcare dropping as CAH buying medical supplies unit not serving to generate much confidence, and down 11%. while ABC, MCK, also lower by 3%+-  this move for XLV important as its closing under a 3 week period of consolidation and might cause further near-term technical selling-  Breadth about 3/2 negative..Only Utilities and Staples higher, while Healthcare the only sector down more than 1%- bond rally continuing in US. and spread tightening vs Bunds.     TNX now down to 2.20%.   Dollar dropping sharply in a way that should cause this ALSO to continue near-term given a close here-  So what are the key trades and where to position?   Long Prec metals- Gold.. and TLT..Long XLP, short EUO, UUP-   Dollar breakdown looks to extend into end of week.. while yields also look to have downside.  For now, financials weak, but XLF holding support.   Let me know if you have questions