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Financials bounce helps S&P rise back to key upside level

GM-  Will be on CNBC today 330-340-- live from NYSE-    For this am- S&P right back up to important resistance which held yesterday and now being challenged again. as Banks rallying on MS, BLK results.. most of Europe recouping yesterday's loss after a severe pullback in Banks and Autos yesterday to lowest levels of the year-  Yields bouncing and USD which is exactly the opposite of what we've seen of late-   a few key themes.   Financials attempting to stabilize.. but yields still look to move a bit lower..  so don't make much of today as being all that important. and still expect TNX could reach 2.10 down to 2% before any meaningful support-    Cons Staples a sector to favor as prices move up to within a point of all-time highs and defensive sectors have begun to outperform.  and finally.  Healthcare's one-day pullback was a negative technical development.  Unless regained literally right away, this sector likely should experience some underperformance over next couple weeks, providing better buying opptys.   For S&P-  2346-7 impt..  then 2354.  on downside- 2330-  Would keep shorts on tight leash and above 2347 would suggest prices likely can trend up