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Treasury yields breaking out which should prove to be positive for Financials

Minor weakness globally in equities, but selling not too severe.. Bonds rallying in Europe a bit more than in US which has seen yields holding and attempting Breakouts in 5, 10, 30 yr yields which should prove to be good for Financials ..  Metals weak across the board, as Copper has pulled back further, undercutting late Feb lows while Zinc, and Iron ore retreat-  Overall, pattern for US equities remains shaky, but intact.. and despite more stocks hitting new 52-week LOWS than HIGHS on NYSE yesterday, and some breadth deterioration, we haven't seen sufficient weakness to turn bearish on S&P and believe that Financials strength along with Technology can still carry prices higher into FOMC-  For today-  2365-7 important on downside as support while 2375 resistance, then 2381-3-  Let me know if i can answer any questions