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Minor pullback to end a stellar ~6% Quarter for stocks

GM-  Personal income and spending coming in as expected..  .4 vs .4%.   PCE core YoY 1.8% v 1.7-Not much reaction ..  For this am..   Minor weakness across the globe as we reach the end of March and end of Q1-  Globally indices are set to record gains of roughly 5-6 % in US and Europe for the first 3 months.. while NKY is down 1%  and S&Ps gains were sufficient to get back to even for the month yesterday-  KEY THEMES as we end the month of March and start Q2-  US Dollar index trying to bottom out and turn back higher.   Precious metals starting to peak out.. along with Commodities and Emerging mkts.   Treasury yields are at levels where rallies can happen into April (bonds decline)  but S&P still at tough levels here after recent bounce and insufficient strength to argue an immediate rally back to highs should happen..  this snapback rally from early this week still resting near 2365-7.  and 2367 important. while 2348 on downside-  GAINERS:   SORL, DEPO, BDSI, AKTX, CBIO, BBRY, RCII, and on downside-   BLRX, CTSO, CARA, CONN, VSTM-   Let me know if I can answer any questions


NASDAQ COMP below-   Movement back to new highs, but momentum continues to be problematic, which is normal after lengthy consolidation-  A quick resolution is needed, or else this should turn down