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Mid-Day market update post YELLEN

Yellen saying March rate hike "likely appropriate" if progress persists- and says there's no evidence the Fed has fallen BEHIND the curve, also saying the Economy has likely met the Fed goals-  so not much reaction in equities.. but yields rose further, then backed off a bit, but TNX still near 2.497 and Yield curve has steepened a bit- Still seeing Financials and Heatlhcare leading, while technology fractionally positive and Energy flat-  Sectors like Staples, Utilities, Real estate all down and lagging as rates move higher-   overall, market seems VERY comfortable with the idea of a rate hike. as Yellen didn't mince words and market really didn't budge.   Looking over last 30 years.. there have been 180 occasions where PERCENTAGE of RATE HIKE was OVER 50% and they DIDN"T HIKE>  Fed funds futures currently showing 86%.. so a dramatic shift in the last 2 weeks , and barring an immediate collapse in equities..  a rate hike seems like foregone conclusion