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US Dollar starts to turn back higher.. as Equities remain at make-or-break

Big developments overnight concern the US Dollar gains and European bonds ripping higher, more so than any Equity related developments.. Yields appear to be stabilizing in US more so than Europe and should lead Financials higher (Yesterday outperformed strongly in XLF)  Todays move higher in USD v Euro likely to see continued strength,, and EURUSD weakness down to at least 1.06 initially..   US Equities still at a very difficult spot after rallying back to test area of the breakdown.. and no guarantee that Monday's lows should hold and lead right back to new highs-  Momentum still quite weak and negative while NOT oversold.. while many sectors have experienced weakness in the last week that has NOT been recouped.. Industrials, Discretionary, healthcare, and Financials.  Selectivity important in these sectors..and for now until S&P gets up above 2360 in Futures..with 2367 also being important. the trend remains negative..  For Support-   2347.. then 2333-   Let me know if you have questions