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Rebound into mid-day, as crude bounces, Saudi Arabia attempts to explain lack of production cuts

Still an hour ahead of Europe's close given US Daylight savings time. w/ S&P lifting nearly 7 ticks off early lows, but still a quite bearish move today after this undercut Yesterday's lows at 2364.75..   Breadth has improved a bit to -3/1 negative, vs earlier -4/1. and Percentage of volume into DOWN stocks vs UP at around 75%, which earlier was more than 80%.   Still seeing breakdowns today in DJ Transports which is a real negative.. while Small caps have rallied back around -0.65%, and previously was down more than -1%.  Crude Oil meanwhile has gained about 1% off earlier lows w/ Saudi Arabia coming in to explain their "LIE" of their lack of sticking to production cuts, and saying they were for purely domestic storage.. yet shipments to China from SA accelerated..  so at a time from mid-December when storage was expected to decline..  it has in fact increased... As of 1130.. energy still the biggest laggard sector-wise.. down 1.2% while INdustrials, materials and Tech all down 0.50--.75%.. Only discretionary, Utilities and real estate positive-  Key takeaway.  stocks have held where they needed to thus far.. and have attempted to bounce into mid-day.  but closing here still a negative heading into tomorrow unless S&P regains 2364.75