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Very little volatility ahead of FOMC- Yield curve breakout continuing higher

Just past Mid-day, .  Equities having a tough time doing much- we are seeing a decent bounce out of Small caps today, but Transports which have been weak over the last few weeks,  are down another 0.50%.   10yr yields pushing back higher over the last few hours and TNX should likely get to 2.64 into Wed.. but not much volatility at all today in Crude, gold, or the US Dollar..  4 sectors higher today-  Financials, tech, Telecom and discretionary but No sector is higher or lower by more than 0.40% in either direction with Healthcare lagging all others with a -.38% pullback today. Yield curve steepening out again in 2's/10s  while the long end remains subdued.. and Bond market doesn't seem to believe in the Growth/reflation trade, as 30 yr yields have lagged badly of late-    Overall, Increasing signs of both WTI Crude and Gold getting ready to bounce.. and Financials likely should be favored also with yield curve steepening out.  For now, Market seems dead ahead of Wed..