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Afternoon Bounce Attempt after earlier weakness Holds

90 mins to go..  S&P is starting to bounce a bit after hitting lows of the day after backtracking earlier gains.  The Dollar began to pullback shortly after the Jobs report.. while Yields also backtracked in the US after hitting resistance-S&P is back down to  2365 area..  While this move thus far is not 100% negative in thinking prices have to go back down and today was a false reversal.  they're certainly not as encouraging as finishing on the highs.  But holding up above yesterday's close would still be a minor positive heading into next week.   Financials in particular dropped to the lows of the day and currently have important support at 24.65 that can't be broken without expecting that this sector is beginning to break down.  Breadth is still around a 3/2 positive while volume flowing into Advancing stocks vs declining at a nearly 2/1 pace.  Important to see from a Bullish perspective that NDX will still close at new HIGHS for the week and above last week's 5373 close-  So the weakness has been largely in Financials and also in Energy as Crude has backed off.  But Tech, Industrials, Utilities up 0.50%.. and overall more of a choppy market right now than all that negative.. with many split sectors and lots of rotation.  Gold looks to be close to bottoming and long positions can be considered into early next week in this and also in Metals and Mining index- XME that looks to be very near areas to buy-  For now,  the next hour into the close will have importance..  but rallies would be more encouraging than not if prices can lift from here into the bell