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Important to keep an eye on DXY, TNX and Tech, Financials following POTUS speech

Into Europe's close, prices remain higher by 0.30%.  While not terribly damaging just yet.. today's move could in fact take out yesterdays' lows on a close down under 2361, the first time that such a thing would happen in the month of February-  But as we know..  holding losses important, as the same thing happened twice last week, but had rallied into the close, thereby negating any potential break- 3 sectors down 0.50%for today-  Financials (impt) along with Technology and Discretionary..the 3 of these comprise around 48% of the SPX-  Seeing a more pronounced breakdown in the Yield curve over the last couple days, while DXY also weakening by a small amount, but markets UNLIKELY to breach key range ahead of tonight's POTUS speech, and for now, important to concentrate on the degree of damage for both Technology and Financials.  Semis within TECH have weakened enough to erase the last days gains, and a number of stocks beginning to peak out within TECH, such as QCOM, ORCL, CSCO, WU, CRUS, NVDA..  Small caps weakening substantially more than broader market and that's also something to note-  For now..  2349 important.. and until that's broken.. Market still has a chance to rally back-  for now, gainers: ENDP, PCLN, ADM, OKE, AES, higher by 3%.. while on downside- PRGO, TGT, FTR, SIG ETFC, UA, DG all down more than 4% -   Let me know if you have any questions