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Minor pullback in US Futures, & in Europe to start the weeek

Minor pullback in US futures following suit on Europe's fractional weakness- Presidential candidate LePen calling to pull out of the Euro has coincided with a small reversal in Europe this am, and seeing notable divergences in risk premium in countries with anti-establishment candidates. Bloomberg reporting that spread between French and German Bond yields at highest since 2013-  For now EURUSD down 0.50% but Gold higher and at 1228 should make its way back up near 1250, so a quite positive move for the Metals in recent days and this looks to continue-  Bond yields have turned lower over the past few days and still can weaken this week, so in the short run a bit more weakness in TNX.  Financials however don't seem to be affected, and last week's sharp rally in the group bodes well for a move back to new highs for XLF-   For S&P-  Area at 2284-5 is initial pivot support, then 2276. On the upside- 2294 up to 2299 will be key-  Early gainers this am out of TSN, HAS, NWL, while TIF lower on CEO departure, along with BLUE, GOGL, RACE, VSTO-  Let me know if you have questions