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Stocks surging post NFP, Bond yields, Dollar index drop

S&P and Europe both ripping higher post NFP w/ impressive headline Beat, while wages came in incredibly soft- 0.1% and revised lower for Nov.  Fed with seemingly little pressure to have to act given increased hiring while Wages anemic- Bond yields and US Dollar index have trended lower in the last 45 mins and still seeing CFTC data show lots of Bond bears with -297k "Spec" shorts-  Overall this looks to be goldilocks type scenario for stocks, and for now closing at/near 2285 should help S&P extend up to 2300 next week-  For now important to hold and not give back today's early premkt surge.. but price seems to making its move finally after several days of inaction, and closing up towards today's highs would be a definite positive for how the Weekly charts shape up