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Energy the best performing sector, while Yield curve flattening out

Equities largely mixed into mid-day..  Yields remain higher on the day, while the US Dollar index is slipping down to last week's lows-  Energy the best performing sector today, and the only sector up MORE than 0.50% while Telecom, Utilities and Staples all losing MORE than 0.50%, in what seems like a reversal of last week's sector rotation-  Breadth only marginally positive at 3/2-  Still a very frustrating market.. as NO evidence of any real drawdown is here, and investors growing largely impatient, as equities have stalled out.. yet the indices are holding steady.  Largely VERY LITTLE to do with the indices themselves here, S&P futures are only 6 points higher than LAST Tuesday's close.. and despite 2 prior consecutive days of undercutting lows intra-day, the snapback both days, has let us with no real clues as to when this might occur, barring a pullback in Technology- Just minor signs of Tech pulling back today, but really not that meaningful-   Key developments are the further erosion in the yield curve, flattening.. while Dollar weakness helping to boost metals , and OIH up by more than 1.75% on strength in CCR, PTEN, WFT, NOV, DRQ, MDR, all higher by 1.75% or more.. 2370 important for S&P futures on upside while 2361 now key for today's support-  Let me know if you have questions