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UNDER 2353 on a close BEARISH- Bond yields likely to still trend down in near-term

The last few hours have brought about downside followthrough to yesterday's early pullback attempt with the S&P dipping down under prior yesterday's lows along with NASDAQ as US Futures have largely followed Europe which is lower by 1%, headed for the biggest decline of February (DAX down 1.6%) and still seeing Strength in Bonds globally, with US TY yields down to 2.36 and US Dollar index backing off further as USDJPY gets down to the lowest since early February-  Overall if this can hold today, this would suggest that the trend is in fact turning lower technically in the short run and allow for at least a bit of pullback next week .  A couple key sectors, as mentioned early this am, have begun to weaken with more on deck, that being Industrials and then Retailing as part of Discretionary, that make further weakness likely from these sectors while Financials and Tech are likely to join suit as all four sectors now have counter-trend sells and make up roughly 60% of SPX-  For today into next week, prices UNDER 2353 , yesterday's lows in S&P FUTURES is Bearish, while over holds off the decline a bit longer-  Areas of support under 2353 lie near 2346-7 and then 2332-6 area-  Increasingly though it appears like a defensive stance is necessary and under yesterday's lows for any length of time would allow for equities to backtrack a bit