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Sector ETF Counter-trend sells are lining up, giving confidence that pullback is near

45 mins to go, indices have rallied back to unchanged and mildly positive in SPX, while still negative in NDX, CCMP by 0.35-0.45%  Important to note that the volume remains heavily tilted towards declining vs advancing issues by about a 3/2 margin, and while Financials and Tech have rallied back, other sectors like Discretionary and industrials HAVEN"T and their sector SPDRS remain a multi-day lows, with both in position to confirm short-term counter-trend sells-  Important to reiterate this, as XLK, XLI, XLY and XLF all have daily signs of exhaustion and given that they make up 60% of SPX, this in fact important and should tilt the odds towards a decline, or at the very least any resulting rally attempt will occur on far less breadth and set up a noticeable divergence to be sold into in early March-  Both Yields and Dollar showing some minor weakness, and USDJPY has begun to turn down a bit more sharply in the near-term and should be noted.. as Yen strength can often act to coincide with Global equity weakness- For today, the rally back doesn't turn the trend bearish, but we look to be very close with these setups, and gains should be used to take some profits and look to hedge into end of week