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Equities inching higher into FOMC

Equities have held steady through the day, ,now inching ever higher towards FOMC min release with bond yield having backed up throughout today's session- We're still seeing MORE stocks declining than advancing today, around a 3/2 ratio with Energy industrials Real estate all down more than 0.50% while only Materials are higher by more than 0.50% and 6 sectors down for 5 being up-  GETTING UP ABOVE yesterday's 2365 WOULD be a temporary positive for today heading into tomorrow, and tough to short into this if this happens until near 2374-6 area-  As stated.. we'll need movement down UNDER 2349 to have any conviction of a decline-  for now, Dollar fairly steady, having gained back some of earlier weakness vs Yen.. but tough to make too much of equities as being good risk/reward given current overbought conditions, resilient VIX, and sentiment shifting more and more bullish into next months meeting-  For today.. key level will be whether equities turn DOWN after FOMC min if not as hawkish as expected.  Fed fund fututres showing just 38% now as chances for a hike-  Let me know if you have questions