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Stocks, bonds rising in Unison- Upside should prove limited

Upside should prove limited in US Equities & the key will be pullbacks down UNDER 2349 initially and then 2336 which would result in a correction down to 2300 or slightly below-  Factors like overbought conditions, Demark sells, sentiment, seasonality and negative momentum divergence all important as well as seeing defensive strength in the last day of rally which is odd and this minor sector rotation often can be telling that recent Index strength could be near complete.  For today, we're seeing just fractional weakness in US Equities while Dollar still rising this am, but some increased Yen strength has tapered those gains, while Yields are still falling-   So in the past few days we've seen both stocks and bonds rise in unison-  Important to be selective in the days ahead, but Financials should be what to watch, given that the spike in yields initially led Financials and equities as a whole higher, and even on the yield pullback in the last few days, Financials really haven't followed suit-  Between now and end of week, important to watch for failure under 2349 on a close-   Early gainers for today:   SRRA, GRMN, TOL, DEPO, TRVN, while GBT, PKD, CRTO, WLL, GOGL, FSLR, CSIQ, TRIP, YUM, CLF, UPS all lower-   Let me know if you have questions