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Pullback not sufficient to think this extends with All major sectors positive

Into mid-day, weve seen just a minor backing off from earlier highs, Most of Europe closed up by 0.65-0.80%, but Treasuries have reversed earlier losses and now yields are roughly unchanged, both here and in Europe, which is a minor positive for Treasuries in thinking yields probably can continue to trend a bit lower in the short run.   Financials have backed off a bit as has Energy, but still seeing all 11 sectors positive on the day with Energy still leading, and both Real Estate and Staples higher by 0.75%, while Materials is the only sector higher by less than 0.30% on the day-  For equities, we would need to see prices pull all the way down to get under 2249 to have doubts about today's move and then under 2236 more meaningful-  For now, despite the various issues, it IS a constructive price move, but breadth has contracted a bit to about 2/1 bullish, from earlier 3/1-  Gold has managed to recoup early losses given yield pullback and still seeing Dollar with outsized gains vs Euro (.60%) but to a lesser extent vs Yen (0.39%) .  Autos, energy and Food Staple retail all higher by .95-+% today, while only Pharma/Biotech and Life sciences Negative among the Level 2 sectors -  Let me know if you have any questions