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Yield stall out could affect Financials negatively in the short run

Markets showing some mild weakness which hasn't changed much post Eco data this am, with Housing start data- 1246 vs 1226 and jobless claims 239 vs 246 k expected.  Europe down the 1st day in 8 and Asia Pacific index , while up 0.50%, still showed more stocks DOWN than UP today-  NO CHANGE In thinking on equities in general which are stretched and poor risk/reward for longs here, anticipate we do stall out between now and Monday of next week.. but the key will be 2339-40 and then getting down UNDER 2331 which would violate this minor uptrend since the Feb 8 lows ..  YIELDS could play a big part in this and appear to have stalled out near-term at 2.51% so this might serve to help Financials also stall and consolidate recent gains.. but for now, Financials remain attractive and dips should be used to buy in the next 1-2 weeks if given the chance-   US Dollar down today vs Yen, Euro, roughly 0.50%-  Premkt movers:  TYHT, NVAX, NTAP, XON, ALXN, RAD, RUBI while on the downside- CFMS, GNC, BBW, MOH, TRIP, MGM, MML-  let me know if you have any questions