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Equities stretched and very close to stalling out in the short run

Mild losses across the globe, where Japan is down by 1% and we're seeing a bit of reversal out of the US Dollar vs many majors as WTI crude and gold both show fractional gains-  Treasuries continuing recent selloff and upside for yields should be capped near 2.51 in the short run.  In equities, Key for S&P will be 2332-3 and one should look to sell into that, whereas 2323 marks support of the past week.  Until this level is taken out, one can expect a bit more upside potentially up to this 2333 area, but should be on guard for any evidence of trend reversal at this point which I think should happen sometime this week. Premkt gainers in CGA, AGEN, STNG, GM, FRAC, DRYS, FCAU, while GEVO, PFLT, PLX and PLKI all down -  Let me know if you have any questions