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30 mins til the Bell- Hourly charts still suggest possibility of final push above 2330

30 mins to go.. S&P fading a bit, but nothing too dramatic after very sharp surge back to just under 2330, making a minor peak about 2 hours ago-  TREND VERY close to exhaustion here, but hourly charts can still allow for a final push right over 2330, and would be right to short into this tomorrow-  VIX holding up well above last Friday's close despite market being higher and still only Financials being the sole sector higher by more than 1% while industrials up 0.90% and healthcare, Tech both higher by 0.60%.  BREADTH only positive today by around 3/2 but Telecomm and Energy the two sectors down, s a bit of improvement today from Staples, Utes, REITS but all of these remain laggards- .For now.  right to flatten out and use any final push tomorrow over 2330 to short into futures, and/or consider hedging, while looking to buy implied volatility into the close today/tomorrow, thinking the market should be pretty ripe for reversing, despite the Financials breakout