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Rally in Financials, IWM likely as last part of this push higher

Just past mid-day, indices holding earlier gains with S&P and DJIA back to new all-time highs, joining NASDAQ- prices are STRETCHED here in the short run, and while there CAN be a move up to 2315 from here, the upside in the next few weeks likely is limited- Counter-trend sells are now present or will be within 2-3 days across the board on most US indices while breadth indicators are NOT back at new highs to confirm price-  For now, good movement in Financials with rates starting to stabilize and Technically should begin to turn back higher along with US Dollar index, while metals could fall-  Should be important to see some resolution in the patterns of both IWM and XLF before a serious top is in place.  For now, both of these remain in consolidation mode- Breadth remains only about 2/1 positive, so not an overwhelming push back to new highs for all sectors and this has CONTINUED to be an issue in the past-  , but we are seeing a pickup in Small cap participation today-  XBI breakout meaningful for Biotech overall and stocks like REGN, BIIB, CELG all look attractive-