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Gap higher given Tax bill passing keeps near-term trend higher

gm - Sun eve Gap higher in Futures given Senate Tax bill pass still near levels hit last night around 6pm, a few ticks down from highs, but up 0.50% while DJIA futs up over 1%, and NASDAQ up relatively less at 0.37%.  Europe up over 1%, both Crude and Gold down fractionallly and bonds also showing mild losses, with TNX up to 2.388.. Overall while quite overbought, and showing signs of rampant Call buying and Demark Sell Setups while Technology has been waning, the broadening out of this rally has been a positive of late, with breadth and momentum improvement- Trend will be bullish until we see at least some evidence of prices turning down to multi-day lows-   CVS/AET deal valued at 69 billion one of the more discussed topics  this am, and early gainers in AET, SQ, OSTK, CIEN, RIOT, BGC, ZYNE, PXS, MARA while on downside-  NOK, AU, FNSR, SIG, SRAX-   -  Resistance for this am at 2661, then 2670-5, while PIVOT at 2633 today and then support way down at 2615