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S&P Held where it needed to.. Now can push back to new highs

Quad witching for December upon us, S&P futures up fractionally while most of Europe is down and most of Asia also lower.. Not much movement in either Treasuries nor US Dollar index while the precious metals are higher along with WTI Crude.  Important to note the following-  S&P held where it needed to last night, and has rebounded, while most of Europe remains far weaker-  The key will be the ability of Financials and Technology to stabilize and turn higher, both which have begun to lag lately-  US Dollar index will close lower this week while most of the Metals are headed higher, and likely to trend up through the balance of December- Bitcoin meanwhile has pushed back to new highs, up another 8% to near 18k, and Futures are at 18450, higher by 10% or 1650-   Areas of importnace today for S&P 2669, and then 2675-7, while on downside 2651 becomes the new stop for trading longs- Premkt movers - HIGHER-  ADBE, COST, OSTK, UAA, UA, UEPS, ALSK, GROW, RIOT, CROX, JBL, DRYS, FRO ..  And LOWER- CSX, ORCL, OHTI,FTR, UNP, TOT-  Let me know if you have any questions