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Breadth Negative as Stocks hitting new highs- Warning

30 min left.   S&P, DJIA and NASDAQ all at highs but NYSE breadth remains negative, More Declining than advancing stocks while Volume also heavier in DOWN vs UP stocks, which is extremely rare-  Healthcare, tech, Utilities, energy positive, while Financials, Telecom, Real estate, Industrials and Materials all down on the day-   Dollar moving back to highs of the week after the last few days of DXY consolidation, and EURO looks vulnerable to selloffs down to 1.14 vs USD-  Crude has spiked to levels that also are important in terms of resistance and a good spot for profit-taking, Technically after this recent rise.   Gold still negative and TY yields are down to 2.3346, suggesting additional downside next week, while 2s/10s curve has broken down to the lowest levels since 2007, undercutting 2016 lows in its flattening, which makes sense for this stage of the cycle-  Former Chip leaders INTC and NVDA both giving some indication of trying to peak out in the near-term and might serve as the catalyst for SOX to fall next week, leading Technology lower, as Financials follows the yield curve which has been steadily flattening-  Overall, trend in Stocks positive, but one should look into selling into this as stocks hit the 1-year anniversary of last year's lows, which this time around, have the potential to make a HIGH- Expect stocks peak out towards the half-way point of their 20-week cycle which has been dominant over the last couple years and should head down into mid-January 2018.  AAPL nearing its own cyclical peak based on relationships that have worked with this stock since 2015-   Have a nice weekend