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DJIA gains being led by 3 stocks, CAT, MMM and BA, while 11 Dow stocks down

Just past Mid-day, markets continuing to show just mild gains-  Breadth is very flat, slightly favoring Advancing over Declining issues .. Most of the attention is being paid to the DJIA which is higher by 0.81%, yet 11 stocks are down of the Dow 30 and 3 stocks, MMM, CAT, BA are making up all the gains.  Financials, along with Industrials and Materials are the 3 sectors making up most of the gains, higher than +0.50%, while Healthcare, Staples, Utilities, Telecom and Real estate are all negative-  Yields continue to hug former highs near 2.40%.  the two things worth pointing out that are a bit different than the DJIA gains might lead investors to see this market concerns both the VIX breakout yesterday.. and also the Advance/Decline which turned down last week and hit the lowest levels since early October -  Overall, 3M, GLW, CAT, SWK, CF all higher by 3%, while on the downside- WHR, PCAR, IPG, CNC, WWG, BIIB all lower by 4% or more-  We'll need to see more signs of broadbased participation to have more confidence at this stage, but breadth and momentum definitely seem to be slowing of late while implied volatlity has jumped, so its important to keep a close eye on 2560-  Let me know if you have any questions