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Reversal in Crude, Treasury yields, Dollar, and Equities after early gains

Nearly a complete 180* reversal in most gains this am in Treasury yields, Equities, the US Dollar and most importantly. Crude oil, which has fallen dramatically to multi-day lows in a huge about-face-  Breadth remains about 2/1 positive and Healthcare is the overwhelming leader today with ENDP, MCK, ABC, REGN, CERN, CAH, PDCO, PRGO, GILD AMGN all higher by more than 3%.. with some minor HMO weakness, but still a very good move and start to the year.  Gold meanwhile has moved back to multi-day highs and still looks likely to rally into the close and over the next few days, with targets up near 1175-80 and a max of 1200.. but tough getting too bullish on Gold given the Dollar strength-  Yield curve flattening out pretty substantially given 2 yr holding yield gains while 10s, 30s ylds fall from earlier highs.   Telecom and Healthcare the 2 sectors higher by more than 1%.. while Utilities and Real estate down.. Energy and Tech both up more than 0.50% so encouraging, particularly for Energy with Crude lower-  For now. important just to note that stocks rose up to test the area of the Triangle which was broken last week and failed.  No meaningful weakness here.. but we have seen TNX and Stocks move pretty much in tandem of late and TNX made a meaningful backoff after hitting key resistance-  -  overall key short-term levels for S&P lie at 2228 and today's highs- 2259, but the odds favor weakness given the ongoing pattern from December and today's failed rally attempt-   More info and direction will be possible into today's close, but for now, not an encouraging sign price wise-  Look to favor Gold and Gold stocks.  EUROPEAN financials more so than US.. and hold off on shorting Treasuries given the recent pullback which based on today doesn't seem complete-  Let me know if you have any questions