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Dollar extending losses, as Earnings season kicks into full gear

gm-  Fractional weakness by US index futures this am, along with Europe as we enter one of the busiest days of the Earnings season.. MCD beat early on.. and higher, while HAL lower.. Key movement lower in the USD this am, and addtl weakness likely.. which should be good to sell UUP, YCS, EUO, while being Long Euro vs USD for move up to 1.08-1.0850..  Metals also doing well.. Gold back up to former highs and has a chance to move to 1245-50 on a move up above 1218 while Silver has a chance of getting to 18 before this rally stalls-  Interest rates have stalled a bit today after a sharp couple days of gains in yields.. but also should continue higher and quite positive-  Overall the combination of Tech, Industrials doing well while sentiment has gotten more subdued should help indices break out to the upside out of this consolidation, and a constructive pattern overall-  For today.. Short-term levels at 2258 on downside, then 2253-5 while 2263 on upside then 2270-2-  Let me know if you have questions