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S&P's snapback yesterday could help it play catchup to Bond yield Breakout

gm all-  Mild gains in futures this am while yields pushing higher across the globe.. small gains in US Dollar index with UK retail sales falling at fastest pace in 5 years hurting pound sterling- (would assume BREXIT complications likely weigh on Pound further in the months ahead and help Dollar turn more sharply to the upside)   2 Key developments heading into today's Inauguration-  Treasury yield breakout.. which happened the other day and happening around the globe with Bond weakness resuming.   and Industrials also breaking out thanks to the Rail stocks.. but as a group, also have turned higher in relative terms and seems likely to continue-(note- GE rev miss has stock down about .40 cents from yesterday's close.. we'll see what effect this has on the group)   S&P ended up HOLDING where it needed to yesterday , right near the 50% retrace of the 12/30-1/6 rally.. along with pivot support.. and this 2253 area important intraday, but got BACK up over 2260 which was thought to be overall a more important area to hold by END OF DAY-  indices had a chance to accelerate lower yesterday and DIDN"T.  For today- 2270 now important on the upside for a close and movement above should drive to 2276-7 and above to near 2290 as range initially should be resolved by UPSIDE breakout.. not downside most likely, as stocks end up FOLLOWING Bond yields-   Early on.. strength out of SWKS, SGYP, MRK, NE, CF on the upside- while PSTI, AFMD, BMY, and STML down-   Let me know if you have any questions