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Late day snapback could help S&P regain area which was broken

30 mins to go.. indices had shown some brief signs that they could be breaking.. as per both S&P getting under 2260 and DJIA undercutting late Dec lows.. but yet we didn't see anything of the sort out of NASDAQ and RTY arguably remains near the lower channel of its own pattern.  Despite today's underperformance, Russell 2k arguably still hasn't really broken down-  TY yields managed just a small pullback from earlier yield highs but USD has given up much of early gains while Gold has gained ground in the last couple hours- Breadth, which worsened to around 4/1 negative has since gained some ground and now 3/1 down- Industrials still leading thanks to Rails.. but Energy and Healthcare have been the sectors that have worsened in the last couple hours..  NOT Technology nor financials.  Overall a close down at today's lows would be worse heading into tomorrow and whats in store than rallying back to recoup earlier losses.. For now that seems to be happening in the last few mins, so the area at 2260 SPh7 looks to be important, while 19718 key for DJIA-  bottom line, no clear cut intra-day signal as of yet with 30 mins to go.. and indices are sitting at important levels