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US Dollar weakness boosting commodities further

Good Morning..  indices fractionally negative in US while most of Europe finished higher, despite UK down.. Most of the overnight volatility and for this am concerns the US Dollar index selling off further, as Pound sterling jumps the most since 2008 and Theresa May attempts an orderly BREXIT. but Trump also talking down the Dollar.  This should be a source of strength for commodities and we're seeing both WTI Crude and Gold higher by 1.5% while Treasuries also up, with yields lower by 5% to 2.33 on 10yr TY-  S&P up about 8 handles off earlier lows and key levels are 2257-8 and then 2248 while as resistance- 2270 and 2276-7-  UNTIL/unless we see prices violate lows of this consolidation, it remains right to bet on an upside breakout of this range for futures that would take prices up to 2285-2300 into inauguration before any kind of selling-  Premkt movers for today:  FWP, CWEI, TENX, CDE, RAI, NE HIGHER, while on downside-  ADHD, UEC, and MNKD-  Let me know if you have any questions