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Financials resilience, w/ Transports, Tech Healthcare working, still good for SPX

Stocks largely unchd for today in US futures, similar to Europe, while Asia finished moderately higher-  US Dollar gaining ground early on ahead of Trumps speech, the first press conference since last July, while little real volatility in the bond market for US.. Both Gold and WTI Crude not showing much real net change-  Sideways action overall in S&P and DJIA should lead higher given Financials resilience and the start of industrials rallying thanks to Transports, Airlines, while Tech still looks to have more to go-  Divergence with SPX for now, not too big of a deal for NDX, but would be ideal to see indices moving up in tandem.. and for now, rallies have occurred on sub-par breadth, but yet structurally, all remains intact-   Good to use weakness to buy near 2254-5 for S&P this am, while on upside 2271 then 2277-8, the same range S&P has been in for some time-  Look to avoid Energy and Staples,  while favoring Tech and healthcare and increasingly, industrials which could make a final push higher-   Let me know if you have any questions