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Iron Ore, Steel, Copper turning back higher

good am-  Stocks mildly positive w/ UK leading Europe higher up 0.50%, little net change in DXY while Treasuries showing mild losses, & outsized gains this am in some of the metals w/ Iron Ore, Steel Rebar, Copper all showing decent technical moves to multi-day highs.. Prec metals meanwhile fractionally lower and Crude attempting to stabilize after yesterday's breakdown-  Trend in Equities remains pointed higher, particularly in QQQ which is growing extended yet bullish and some minor divergence with SPX and DJIA and TRAN, IWM as well, with both of those having peaked in mid-December-   For now, NASDAQ should lead, and tough getting too cautious here without at least some evidence of prices starting to turn back lower-  For now, pays to stay long and sell into rallies in the next couple days as Markets approach anniversary to last year's major lows, which also could prove to be important , TIME wise, this year-   Area important for S&P futs- 2260-1 near overnight lows hit near Midnight- then 2254-5 on downside- for resistance- 2271 then 2277-8- Would keep an eye on stocks heavily correlated to Iron ore, steel, copper today as these are all showing technical progress that should lead higher in the Metals near-term-  Let me know if you have any questions