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Crude showing evidence of breaking down

Market continues to be choppy near-term, but NDX showing very good strength and weakness in S&P has proven insignificant, as we bounced one time from support near current levels and now pullback has moved down to retest this level.   Key Technical developments focus on WTI Crude breaking down under 52 which is a negative and should allow for more weakness this week and likely into next before bottoming-  Heating oil started this move, while both WTI and Brent have caught up quickly-   Healthcare still far and away the best performing sector and a real boost in Biotech today which continues to improve while Pharma also showing good strength-  Breadth only around 3/2 negative and still seeing both Technology and Healthcare positive which are definite good signs for the broader mkt-  Materials also fractionally positive today while Energy and Utilities down the greatest, both selling off by more than 1%.   Bonds gaining ground with 10yr yields at 2.37 and while seemingly close to lows in yield.. very well could get down under 2.33 before a yield rally gets underway..   Best performing stocks today - GPN, VRTX, NVDA, WDC, all up more than 2.5%.. while on downside-   SWN, RRC, DVN, DVA, TROW, RIG, COG all lower by more than 3% and energy a definite area of weakness given whats going on and could continue to be.. while Healthcare keeps strengthening-  Let me know if you have any questions