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Minor Stalling after best 2 day run since July

gm-  Markets stalling a bit after best 2 day run since July- Most of Europe showing mild losses while Spain, Italy down over 1%. Small caps in focus as RTY looks to have broken out  above 2 year downtrend vs SPX in relative terms which was formed at 2014 highs-  Other Key developments over the last couple days focus on the big pullbacks in both Treasury yields here and abroad, while US Dollar has been selling off and down to just above key support- Advance/Decline lines have moved BACK to new high territory just in the last  week on an All-stock basis, which is a real positive for markets and as most remember, happened back in late March and led stocks back to new highs.  Many had remarked on breadth slowdown ahead of the FOMC as being bearish and this has since been eliminated.  NASDAQ back at new highs should lead to SPX and DJIA joining suit, while DJ Transports is slowly but surly starting to turn back higher to play catchup, though well off highs.  While a bit stretched after the last couple days 1.5% pop, structurally indices are in better shape, and pullbacks today should find support near 2156-7 to buy, then 2144-5- early movers in MIFI, IMPV, NVAX on the upside, while ENPH, CAED, TWTR down-  Let me know if you have any questions

ADVANCE DECLINE shown below- Back at New highs