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Pre-Jobs- Europe and Asia resilient

Trend very much still range bound in US for both Equities and Bonds ahead of this am's Jobs number-  Differing opinions on what level would spur on the Fed to hike in a few weeks, but goes without saying that a very strong number should help the Dollar extend gains and help Treasury yields breakout, which has been seen in Japan through JGBs and to a limited extent in UK with Gilt yields soaring, but bunds, and TY yields , while having stabilized.. have not yet made the same move.   An inline Jobs number or worse number likely could be GOOD for stocks, as the Fed would then kick the can to December but could cause the Dollar to pullback along with yields, and commodities would bounce.  For today, both Europe and Asia showing gains.  HSCEI to multi-day highs and SX5E back up above 3035- Dollar and TY YIELDS as would be expected, fairly subdued, though some weakness in Treasuries pre-Jobs-    Overall for S&P Futures, UNLESS prices CLOSE under 2157 in futures and under 2160 for SPX cash.  the trend remains positive  and one has to give stocks the benefit of the doubt given recent strength in Financials and Tech-  so levels to buy dips today lie near 2155-7 and then 2141-3 which are the 2 main levels the latter near Aug lows for Sept futures.  for resistance.. 2178-80 and then 2188-90-  Early gains from AVHI, MGT, ATEC, higher while on the downside- LULU, PAY, CCL and AMBA-  Let me know if you have questions- Thanks and happy Friday