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Tough to make too much of pre-mkt gains

gm - both US futures and Europe showing fairly robust morning gains, with S&P up to last Thursday's highs, Europe showing the same degree of bounce, hitting last Friday's highs, while US Treasuries also gaining ground, with WTI Crude and Gold as Dollar weakens.  Entering the week post Sept expiration typically has a poor track record for gains, with the last 20 of 25 weeks in Q3 post Expiration being down, and historically a sub-par time for stocks heading into end of Q3-    The trend at this point remains lower from mid-August with this week being key as to whether Equities and Bonds will break out of their recent ranges in the past week along with US Dollar given Central bank meetings with BOJ along with FOMC this week-  Until we can see evidence of S&P pushing up back over 2156-(Dec S&P) on a close, it's right to have a defensive stance-  with initial resistance today at 2144-7-  On the flip side, 2122-3 important on pullbacks. , but given both seasonality and structural concerns, it still looks wise to use gains to sell into, technically-   Early am gains in BLOX, NVAX, GPRO, AKS, GM and on the downside, MGT, CVRR-  This week's Weekly Technical Perspective, sent out this am at 5:45, gives some additional analysis along with 5 longs and 5 shorts to consider-  Let me know if I can answer questions

Dollar's consolidation likely to be resolved post FOMC this week along with BOJ meeting