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Yields should turn higher and pave the way for Equity rally

Bond yields continue to lead the way lower for Equities, with another followthrough lower for Europe to the tune of 2% while US Equities still down only 0.60% which has been a common theme where US has held up much better than other countries across the globe- (S&P has barely given back 30% of last week's decline, while most of Europe has retraced nearly 70%-SX5E)  Dollar/yen and Crude both lower while Gold higher by another 1%-  When eyeing Daily and hourly charts, a few things stand out-  Crude has reached an area right near late June lows along with trendline support from January, while German bund yields and US TY YIELDS showing signs of oversold exhaustion here that could give way to a bounce-  Financials also have reached former lows in relative terms, so the next few days will be key and above-average chance that yields can snap back which would help Financials, and likely allow for stabilization in Global equities after the 2nd down day following last week's rip-  Gold also showing upside exhaustion here after its recent surge, and area from 1375-1385 has importance as resistance-  For S&P futures today, 2066 has importance, and under would lead straight to 2054-7 and then 2043-5, so those are the areas to concentrate on .  Overnight areas at 2086 meanwhile are also PIVOT levels and rallies should stall out here-  Overall until we can see signs of downside exhaustion on S&P charts on intra-day basis, the trend is down, and expect that a BOND reversal late today could be important in helping equities to stabilize and turn back higher- Europe also showing HOURLY signs of Demark exhaustion here with key support at 2724-2750 which could be important in causing some support after this pullback from 2900 in SX5E-   In the US-early gainers in RGLD, KGC, and some of the other miners:  CDE, GORO, MUX, while on the Downside: NFLX, WLL, CVGI, FCAU, GBIM.  Let me know if you have questions-

Deeper pullback possible before any real support in S&P futures-  Trend at this point remains short-term negative since early 7/5

Crude getting oversold , with some evidence that reversals could happen Wednesday-  Pullback to test 6/27 lows should be good risk/reward to buy Crude