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S&P nearing initial resistance after near 8% rally in last 9 days

After 7 of last 9 UP days and 150 SP points higher, markets have risen at a rate of nearly 1% a day after 7.8% gains in 9 trading days-  Bond yields have started to rise in the last couple days, with meaningful bounce today in German Bund yields with US 10s now up to 1.48%.  WTI is back up over highs of the last couple days of 46, while Gold is falling further, down 10.  Overall, this has been a breakout mostly just for the Large Caps of late, with SPX moving to new highs, but not the same move for MID, or SML and will be important to see these join to have confidence of a larger move-  The trend is bullish, but overbought and a few signs of counter-trend indicators showing exhaustion in S&P futures which means this rally likely needs to consolidate, and wise to sell into this for trading purposes between 2142-2149 in S&P futures, with a max near 2154-8 most likely into tomorrow-   Today's pivot 2129, with 2121 first meaningful support-   Premkt movers: Advancers: SAGE, STX, RRD, SHPG, AA, while on downside:  CYTR, PMT, IMPV, REG-  Let me know if you have questions

Bullish but stretched and right near initial resistance 2142-50 area which likely proves important between today and Wednesday initially

German Bund yields have finally begun to turn higher with a bit more "gusto" in the last day, with today reaching new multi-day highs, similar to what US Treasury yields have done-  This mean reversion was thought by many to be stocks turning down to join bond yields, but looks to be the opposite, as the Global bond rally starts to wither with Equities turning back up