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Breakout extends as SPX cash set to make new all-time Intra-day closing highs

90 mins from Opening Bell, S&P higher by 0.30%, with most European indices higher by over 1% and Japan up 600 points, or 4% as Abe's landslide win gives confidence of his agenda being pushed through-  Japanese Yen meanwhile lower vs USD by nearly 2%-  Global Bond yields have been inching higher with 10yr yields back up to 1.40%, and some minor stabilization in German Bund yields at -17.9 bps-  US Dollar higher fractionally mostly on strength vs Yen, as little movement in Euro, Sterling this am-   Overall, little signs that rally should fade just yet and higher prices expected early this week into Tues/Wed as prices not yet at resistance and SPXs close at levels indicated by Futures would help this move to new all-time highs above intra-day levels from past June with DJIA very close-  Overall, right to stay bullish and not sell out too soon on this move, which still looks to gain ground with A/Ds back at historic highs-  Resist near 2132-4, then 2149-50, while on downside- Pivot at 2111 and under would lead to 2096 which is not immediately expected-  Premkt movers:  Advancers: BLFS, SGNT, NTIP, IMPV, while on downside- CJES, AVT-  Let me know if you have questions

No real resistance here despite intra-day overbought conditions, so likely that S&P still pushes higher into tomorrow/Wednesday with targets up near 2140

Still early to fade this move, despite nearly 1% a day since 6/27 lows, over 140 S&P points in 6 of the last 8 trading days.  Into mid-week, S&P has a greater chance of stalling near-term