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Monday could prove Down given last Friday's >3% decline, but lows near

Good am-  US index futures down around 0.70% with NASDAQ leading on downside, NDX breaking down out of prior consolidation lows from May on futures, which looks important, and DXY also extending last Friday's breakout with GBP lower by nearly 4%, and Euro also down more than 1%.. Global yields meanwhile still plummeting with UK Gilt yields down under 1% on 10yr and Bund yields retracing some of last week's rally and down to 11 bps with 10yr at 1.469..    Overall, when FRIDAYS are LOWER by 1.5% going back over last 15 years , the subsequent Mondays have been down nearly 93% of the time so natural to see some early week followthrough, but getting a few fear signals that suggest pullbacks this week likely prove short-lived and quite a bit of CYCLE confluence into early July for a serious low.. as breadth still quite strong and momentum on weekly basis has not been shaken-  Overall it's right to be very selective and not get too cute in trying to time lows.. but let the market stabilize but a few technical indicators seem to suggest the market is within a week of lows-  For today, 2002-4 and then 1992-4 are important for Sept futures to buy dips-  Commodities likely to begin bigger rollover with USD strength, and Gold extended here, while YEN also extended and should be close to USDJPY turn back higher, despite Euro likely continuing down--  This week's Weekly Technical perspective sent out at 530 lists 10 stocks to consider here after BREXIT decision-  Let me know if you have any questions