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Above 2001 SP could produce 1-2 day trading bounce

Little more than one hour to go, Most cycles pinpoint next week as being important for TRADING LOW-  For now.. Not much of a bounce thus far, Getting above 2001 important to have any real thinking that today could produce even a minor 1-2 day trading bounce- Closing at/near the lows and UNDER 1982 for S&P would suggest another couple days but getting stretched on this move, and 1973-5 stands out as important.  Over last 2 days, S&P has given back 38.2% of the entire advance from Feb into early June-  Treasuries near the days highs, while DXY also still higher by 1.1% as Euro, Pound , Aussie Dollar declining relatively speaking-  Breadth showing about 5/1 Declining issues over Advancing while volume flowing into Declining at around 8/1, leading to 1.75 TRIN.  Energy, industrials, Materials, Financials all getting hard hit while Utilities rally and only Telecom and Utes are positive-  Overall, key to mkt starting to Find support and rally all rests with the banks, mostly European and starting to see Yields hold and turn up which would help these Financials perform-  For now,  Holding above 1981 is key, and S&P above 2001 would be even better into the close-  Prices closing down near the lows would invite more declines tomorrow- But most Demark indicators on an intra-day basis should give some clues and for now, early, only buys on 240 min- Leading stoks today- PSA, KR, DPS, ESS, NEE, TSN, EIX while on the downside- WDC, STX, OI, INV, MOS.  Let me know if you have questions